Hikita Law Office


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did I suddenly receive a notice from Hikita Law Office?

  • Our office received a request from a creditor for debt management and collection, and accepted the case as its agent.
    Therefore, we are contacting you.

  • It is tedious to be asked to confirm my date of birth and address each time I makes an inquiry, so I would like it to be omitted.

  • From the viewpoint of confidentiality, we need to verify your identity each time. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  • Since I am busy, is there any way to discuss payment other than by phone?

  • You can also complete the procedure from the "Application Form" on our website.

  • I cannot pay in a lump sum, would you accept payment in installments?

  • We could accommodate your request according to the wishes of our client, the creditor. Please contact us by phone first.

  • I would like to discuss directly with the original contractor or the creditor.

  • During the period our office is appointed as the creditor's agent, we are the point of contact.
    Please note that all communications must be made through us.

  • I would like to visit your office and discuss the matter in person.

  • Please note that as a general rule, we only respond to telephone inquiries.

  • Since I am unable to call during your business hours, I would like to have a family member make the inquiry on my behalf, but why can't you tell them the details?

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to provide specific details except to the debtor himself/herself.
    However, this does not apply if you have given us permission directly to discuss your case, so please call us once.

  • I have received an SMS or other messages on my cell phone from Hikita Law Office that I have no knowledge of.

  • We will explain the details of the claim by phone, so please contact us once.
    There is also a possibility that we are sending a message to the former user of the mobile phone.
    We would appreciate it if you could contact us by phone so that we can process your request to stop sending messages.

    Please be careful of phishing e-mails, etc., as the following phone number is displayed in the SMS from our office.
    〔Source number〕